ECAL – Master Photography

ECAL is introducing a new master’s degree in Photography as from the 2016 academic year. Relying on massive use of photographic images,a key element in today’s visual communication. This two-year programme, unique in Switzerland, gives students with a related Bachelor’s degreean opportunity to develop projects in the longterm. It especially pushes the boundaries ofapplied research in contemporary photography with an emphasis on digital, web and network manipulation, new forms of books, shapingimages on various media, interactive exhibition design, up to and including the moving image. Taking advantage of ECAL’s numerous collaborations with economic, industrial or cultural stakeholders, this training allows students to regularly rub shoulders with influential figures in fine art photography and commissioned work. Structured around practical lessons and workshop weeks, the programme fosters privileged encounters. As for theory, visual analyses and text productions also guide students towards the clarification and disclosure of project concepts. Finally, workshops, labs, studios and the availability of a state-of-the-art print shop ensure that the projects initiated are given concrete form.THE SUBMISSION DEAD LINE IS THE 8TH of APRIL! Highly recommended! © All Images (A.Haefeli, J.Simonet, M.Wertenbroek, M.Guyon, N.Polli)

Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_haefelialexandre_thecompanyofmen_13 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_haefelialexandre_thecompanyofmen_43 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Jean_Vincent_Simonet_assemblage_02_plat Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Jean_Vincent_Simonet_assemblage_03_plat Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Jean_Vincent_Simonet_DSC9780 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Maxime_Guyon_compo_3 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Maxime_Guyon_compo_5 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Maxime_Guyon_sideview Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Nicolas_Polli_A1-2 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_Nicolas_Polli_STAMPA_7-2 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_wertenbroek_manon_tandem_1 Arcademi_ECAL_MAPH_wertenbroek_manon_tandem_2 Arcademi_ECAL_robot_test