Diane Deschenaux

Diane Deschenaux (born the 7th of july 1990, Fribourg, CH) graduated from the University of Art and Design (ECAL) in 2016. During her studies, she exhibited her work in Amsterdam, Paris, Dusseldorf and Rio de Janeiro with ECAL. Since July 2016, she works as a freelance photographer. 0,65 series. Shot in the Fribourg mountains, 0.65 ex-plores the agricultural world that is cur-rently undergoing an economical crisis due to milk overproduction. Growing up around a farm environment, I had an idealised vision of my rural countryside. The milk crisis was an op-portunity for me to dive back and report on the situation. Being able to go behind the scenes of the endangered farms allowed me to have a more complex and realistic un-derstanding of the countryside reality. © All Images


Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_01 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_02 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_03 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_04 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_05 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_06 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_07 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_08 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_09 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_10 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_11 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_12 Arcademi__Diane_Deschenaux_065_13