Dévorée is a new brand inspired by the creator's fascination for a wild passionate beauty that reveals the animality within us. The pictures made exclusively for this collection appear on precious fabrics and create objects at the frontier of photography and design. Maria et Benjamin are the founders of the Parisian Creative Studio "La Feroce", they are also known as "Maria and Ben", they love each other and share their passion for still andy moving pictures. © All Images


Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-MOD-AAC130-01 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-MOD-AAC130-04 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-MOD-AAG130-02 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-MOD-AAL130-01 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-MOD-AAL130-02 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-SE-AAA90-00 Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-SE-AAH90-00B Arcademi_Devoree-LK4B-SE-AAH90-01 Arcademi_Devoree Arcademi_DevoreeGOLD-SS2016-SE-AAQ130-04  Arcademi_DevoreeGOLD-SS2016-SE-AAR130-02 Arcademi_DevoreeGOLD-SS2016-SE-AAR130-03