De Intuïtiefabriek

‘Ornatu’ is a refined dressing table, designed in our series Virtu. Underneath a layer of smoke glass, treasures like jewelry and perfums are revealed in walnut drawers. Above this subtle ground a walnut ‘bridge’ holds porcelain containers and creates a stage for a warm colored mirror. This flirtatious combination of materials
provides the perfect place to spend ones intimate moments of the day. De Intuitiefabriek is Amba Molly, Carolina Wilcke, Eefiene Bolhuis and Eva Gevaert, a bunch of four female designers, all graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Isn't this piece gorgeous. © All Images

Materials: Oak wood, coated steel, colored mirror, magnifying mirror, copper, porcelain and glass.

Limited edition of 5 + 1 prototype + 1 A.P.