Davide Rossetto

Davide Rossetto is based in Zurich – concentrating on graphic and type design. He is showing his personal attitude using today’s technology while preserving a strong historical awareness without pushing the content artificially. The conscious and clear handling of space, letters, proportions, rhythm & arrangements results in a timeless quality and a strong content. © All Images


Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_01 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_02 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_03 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_04 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_05 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_06 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_07 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_08 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_09 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_10 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_11 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_12 Arcademi_Davide_Rossetto_13