Studio David Lehmann

David Lehmann studied Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and worked throughout his studies as an assistant to the sculptor Tony Cragg in Wuppertal as well as for Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam, and nendo in Tokyo. In 2014 he founded his own studio in Munich where he lives and works. A key theme in his work is to “make the obvious unobvious by hiding it behind the obvious”, resulting in subtle outcomes that are nonetheless rich in detail and complexity. © All Images

Arcademi_Blank Chair_Studio David Lehmann_02 Arcademi_Clan petit dejeuner_Studio David Lehmann_11 Arcademi_Crystal Waterglas_Studio David Lehmann_04 Arcademi_Decanter_Studio David Lehmann_10 Arcademi_Eclipse Caraf_Studio David Lehmann_09 Arcademi_Ephemere_Studio David Lehmann_01 Arcademi_giracaffè_il nuovo gesto quotidiano_Studio David Lehmann_08 Arcademi_Kumo LED Lighting_ side view_Studio David Lehmann_15 Arcademi_Kumo LED Lighting_Studio David Lehmann_14 Arcademi_Sphere_Studio David Lehmann_07 Arcademi_Spin Coffeetable_Studio David Lehmann_03 Arcademi_Steffens dining table_Studio David Lehmann_13 Arcademi_Vers A Tile_Studio David Lehmann_06 Arcademi_Vestige_Studio David Lehmann_05