DANTE – Goods And Bads

DANTE-Goods And Bads was founded in 2012 by artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine. They share a profound love of the material world for all its pathos and beauty. They are aware that DANTE-Goods And Bads is a fragile and highly ambitious endeavour. Nevertheless they are determined to perservere. © All Images


01-Dante_PCA_Overview 10-1Barcart-photo-Camille-Vivier 13-Nightingale-aprikot 14-Revue-bordeaux 2015-Dante-Milano-02 2015-Dante-Milano-13 AndSoOn01-by-Ch-de-le-Fontaine by-Camille-Vivier-5 ComeAsYouAre-5 Dante-Bavaresk-Table-002 Dante-Voodoochair-006 ElSantoKilim-2 Shining-ambiente2 Sideglance--X-01 Sideglance-Parquet-Cubic-02 x-DANTE-GOODS-AND-BADS---Aylin-e-Christophe-01