Dante Carlos

Dante is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis USA and these are just a few impressions to give you an idea of his work. Funny thing is I would have seriously placed our fellow's attitude here in the netherlands, see what I mean. © All Images


Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_1 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_2 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_3 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_4 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_5 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_6 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_7 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_8 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_9 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_10 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_11 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_13 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_14 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos_15 Arcademi_Dante_Carlos