Daniel Schulz & André Giesemann

“Vom Bleiben.” The series “About Staying” turns attention to the point in time in which the visitors have left thetechno-club. In particular it documents the certain moment when the marks of the previous night become visible. Once the lights of the nightclub are turned on its mystery seems to vanish. We always enter the clubs a few hours before they close down to catch up the distinctive atmosphere. As soon as the last visitors have left and the employees want to start cleaning the room we start to set up and take the pictures with a large-format-camera using the ceiling lights. We want to catch the certain, volatile moment when a party night is over and restore it in a photographic archive. By this we are aiming at showing the fast rise and fall of clubs in Germany. Because the techno-clubs are a famous example to use old abandoned bulidings, to transform them in a building which encloses a new idea and function. © All Images



Arcademi_Andre__769__Giesemann_Vom_Bleiben.1 Arcademi_Andre__769__Giesemann.Vom_Bleiben.5 Arcademi_Andre__769__Giesemann.Vom_Bleiben.7 Arcademi_Andre__769__Giesemann.Vom_Bleiben.14 Arcademi_Andre__769__Giesemann.Vom_Bleiben.15_01 Arcademi_Andre_Giesemann.Vom_Bleiben.10 Arcademi_Andre_Giesemann.VomBleiben.6 Arcademi_Vom_Bleiben_Robert_Johnson_web Arcademi_Vom-Bleiben_About-Blank_Giesemann_Schulz_01 Arcademi_Vom-Bleiben_Andre-Giesemann