Czar Kristoff

Here is Czar, a photographer from Laguna, Philippines. A few impressions from his portfolio giving an idea, I like both the rather arty work as well as the let's call it fashion and editorial related ones. © All Images

Arcademi_c.Kristoff_1 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_2 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_3 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_4 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_5 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_6 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_7 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_8 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_11 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_12 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_13 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_14 Arcademi_c.Kristoff_15  Arcademi_c.Kristoff_17