Cox & Grusenmeyer

Cox & Grusenmeyer is an Antwerp based duo, led by Ines Cox and Lauren Grusenmeyer. Working in the field of graphic design, we really like their amazing portfolio and are thrilled to see their future works.© 2014 All images

Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_01 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_02 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_03 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_04 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_05 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_06 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_07 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_08 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_09 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_10 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_11 Arcademi_CoxGrusenmeyer_12