Clayton Cotterell

Meet Mr. Clayton Cotterell and his nice photographic work. He is based in Portland and graduated 2008 with a MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Especially the photographs of his new exhibition called "Arrangements" caught our attention. Take a look at them below or visit Clayton’s website to discover more of his great work. © 2013 All images

Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_01 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_02 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_03 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_04 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_05 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_06 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_08 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_09 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_10 Arcademi_ClaytonCotterell_Titelbild