Claudia Caviezel

Claudia Caviezel designs are the outcome of her intense curiosity about people, places and ideas. An international multidisciplinary designer based in Switzerland, Claudia’s diverse projects are always collaborative and use her experience with a broad palette of materials and techniques as the basis for exploration and innovation. New opportunities, techniques and collaborations fuel Claudia’s creativity, and allow her ‘open process’ designs to be experienced and enjoyed in a wide range of settings. © All Images

Arcademi_Caviezel_01 Arcademi_Caviezel_02 Arcademi_Caviezel_03 Arcademi_Caviezel_04 Arcademi_Caviezel_05 Arcademi_Caviezel_06 Arcademi_Caviezel_07 Arcademi_Caviezel_08 Arcademi_Caviezel_09 Arcademi_Caviezel_10 Arcademi_Caviezel_11 Arcademi_Caviezel_12