Chudy and Grase

Born in Germany and Latvia respectively, trained in The Netherlands and currently based in Berlin, the two designers established their studio Chudy and Grase in Denmark and have already collected a large collection of awards. The ‘’Time To Design - New Talent Award 2014” allowed the duo to move to Copenhagen where they had been based in the Danish Art Workshops. Other awards include the Dutch National Winner of the James Dyson Award 2014, Latvian Design Awards 2014 and a nomnation for the Design of the Year 2015 awards. Chudy and Grase design to create everyday products and furniture with little moments of discovery by going back to zero and looking all around us. © All Images

Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_01 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_01b Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_02 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_03 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_04 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_05 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_06 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_07 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_08 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_09 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_10 Arcademi_Chudy_Grase_11