Christina Paik

"I create in hope someone out there will appreciate them … You might never meet them but there’s a connection beyond reality that it can affect a distant star that shines the same colors you represent. It could be looked at as if there’s nothing but an ordinary glow, but it could be the warmth worth waiting for in a lifetime." Let’s have a look at some really strong images by photographer Christina Paik, who is living in Paris and New York City. © All Images

Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_01 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_02 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_03 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_04 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_05 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_06 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_07 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_08 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_09 Arcademi_ChristinaPaik_Titelbild