Christiane Feser

Originally I wanted to give you an overview about Christianes updated works, but I just couldn't resist, so let me introduce you to maybe not one of her latest works (2007-2009) but the one I like most. A fabulous series of photo collages called “Falten”, framed archival inkjet pigment prints. Christiane lives in Frankfurt, Germany. © All Images

Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_1 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_2 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_3 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_4 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_5 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_6 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_7 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_8 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_9 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_10 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_11 Arcademi_Christiane_Feser_12