Chris Schoonover

We guess it seems alright to be at a loss for words from time to time, because there are some talents out there who leave you with just one word to say: wow. Chris Schoonover is a photographer from the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area and his portfolio is extremely nice. Take your time and take a look, folks.  © 2015 All images

Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_01 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_02 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_03 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_04 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_05 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_06 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_07 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_08 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_09 Arcademi_ChrisSchoonover_Titelbild