Charles Negre updating

Charles just recently updated his site and portfolio, join us taking a tour, we love it. “There has been always a balance between my personal work and the editorial / commercial practice, and obviously visual connections are stronger and stronger, that is why this website combine it all now even if the gap will always be conceptual. At first, I am a still life photographer and now I truly believe that this practice is not constrained to the studio and objects, it is more a process of thinking, setting things, making sets and decors, picking a type of light that suits the idea, all those elements together are adaptable to any situations. No matter objects or models, process is the same.” © All Images

Arcademi_Charles_Negre_1 Arcademi_Charles_Negre_2 Arcademi_Charles_Negre_3 Arcademi_Charles_Negre_4 Arcademi_Charles_Negre_5   Arcademi_Charles_Negre_8     Arcademi_Charles_Negre_13  Arcademi_Charles_Negre_15 Arcademi_Charles_Negre_16