Cathleen Wolf

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Cathleen today. The fashion photographer living and working in Berlin has worked for labels like Wunderkind, Kaviar Gauche, MalaikaRaiss, Vladimir Karaleev amongst others and predominantly focusses on female protagonists. Catch a glimpse of her work below, a visit to her site is recommended. © All Images

arcademi_cathleen_wolf_001 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_002 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_006 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_007 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_009 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_012 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_013 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_014 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_016 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_017   arcademi_cathleen_wolf_022 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_024 arcademi_cathleen_wolf_025