Carré Blanc présente Thomas Cristiani & Antoine Roux

Let's keep an eye on France today, our French fellows from Carré Blanc are introducing contemporary artists Thomas Cristiani and Antoine Roux. These two guys are also know as VLF and working as talented graphic designers. Their works focuses on the confrontation between the production of images and sculptural works. They aim to redefine new stories and a way of interpreting a situation. We are happy to present their very recent works from the currently opened exhibition at Artisan Social Designer gallery in Paris. © All Images

Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc1 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc2 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc3 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc4.1 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc4.2 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc5 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc6 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc7 Arcademi_Roux_Christiani_VLF_Carreblanc8