Carré Blanc présente Thomas Mailaender

Thomas Mailaender lives and works between Marseille and Paris. He earned his master degree at "École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs" in Paris, then he continued his studies for a year at "La Villa Arson" in Nice. His works explores the frontier between contemporary photography and art throughout very different mediums such as photomontages, ceramics, tattoos, toilet paper, stone, chickens or other images collected from the Internet. Recently a famous French art critic compared his work to the one of "Bernd and Hilla Becher under the influence of Pastis", an anise-flavored liqueur popular in the south of France. We are happy to introduce you to the following pictures from his current solo show "Spoonerism" exhibited at "Ten Haaf Projects" in Amsterdam. To all our Arcademi fellows, this is the perfect opportunity to spend a "Fun" moment. © All Images

Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc1 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc2 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc3 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc4 Style: "z" Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc6 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc7 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc8 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc9 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc10 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc11 Arcademi_ Mailaender_Carreblanc12