Carré Blanc présente Maxime Guyon

Let me welcome you to a brand new series of guest features by our dear french folks from Carré Blanc. Impressed by their sharp view and brilliant curation right from the very start, it is my pleasure to share an insight on the Carré Blanc perspective with you. Bienvenue sur Arcademi.
Maxime Guyon is one of those young french photographers you'd better keep an eye on. He is currently studying photography at ÉCAL school of Laussane. He embodies this new generation of photographers inspired by still life and street photography. Although is young age, he has developed is own sense of composition and lighting. We are happy to introduce you to the following pictures extracted from the series "Living 90's Graphism", "Low Tech", "Lanscaping Studies" & his on-going project "Unexpected Compositions". And cause we are not the only ones to believe in his obvious talent, his work will be shown in April 25th in L.A for the month of photography (MOPLA) curated by Stephanie Gonot © All Images

Carré Blanc

Maxime Guyon

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