Camille Paillard

Camille is a French designer based in London, graduated from the ECAL Master in 2012. In the past years, she had the opportunity to work for brands and designers such as Philippe Starck, Blackbody-oled, De Sede, Baccarat, Kopenhagen and others. Her work is based on observation of motion and matter. She likes to mix common and unexpected to create new projects. © All Images

Camille_Paillard_BACCARAT Camille_Paillard_BACCARAT00 Camille_Paillard_BACCARAT01 Camille_Paillard_BACCARAT02 Camille_Paillard_CRINO00 Camille_Paillard_CRINO01 Camille_Paillard_CRINO02 Camille_Paillard_HELIX01 Camille_Paillard_HELIX02 Camille_Paillard_HELIX03 Camille_Paillard_KopenhagenFur01 Camille_Paillard_TRI-FOLDS01 Camille_Paillard_TRI-FOLDS02 Camille_Paillard_TRI-FOLDS03 Camille_Paillard_TRI-FOLDS04 Camille_Paillard_ZAI01