The modern whims of Marianne Rautureau’s creations evoke familiarity but undoubtedly stand out as her own style. Always passionate about jewelry, she stages her imaginary miniatures, twisting forms to any silhouette she chooses. Without doubt this is where her strength lies, she is comfortable in any mindset be it classic, casual or pop which is what brings a tender and off beat touch to her unique pieces. Within her work are jokes and hoax, maritime folklore, anatomy lessons, a passion for animals and other such gourmandises which together produce a colourful world of rings, pendants and ear rings which become their own actors in fiction. Calourette gained quick popularity following her first collection in 2007. She now produces two collections a year in which worlds collide and complement, assuming their own special sentimentality and oddity. Regardless of any convention, Calourette seduces those and they who, like Marianne Rautureau, cultivate their freedom. Photographer: Laetitia Jeurissen © All Images

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