Builders club update

Here is an update form London based Builders Club, founded by Julien Simhäuser and Jonas Hegi. Some really incredible work for Nike, Balenciaga, Chanel, you name it. Please visit the site as we are supplying you with stills only, this stuff moves actually, worth seeing in motion. © All Images

Arcademi_Builders_club_00 Arcademi_Builders_club_01 Arcademi_Builders_club_02 Arcademi_Builders_club_03 Arcademi_Builders_club_04 Arcademi_Builders_club_05 Arcademi_Builders_club_06 Arcademi_Builders_club_07 Arcademi_Builders_club_08 Arcademi_Builders_club_09 Arcademi_Builders_club_10 Arcademi_Builders_club_11 Arcademi_Builders_club_12 Arcademi_Builders_club_13