Brynjar Sigurðarson

Brynjar´s work is very linked to storytelling and narratives, which are deeply rooted in Icelandic culture.  He uses various media such as drawings, photography, video, sound and furniture in order to convey his work in a fruitful and a specific way. Since 2011 he has been establishing his studio along with teaching at the Masters Department at ECAL, Lausanne. Currently, Brynjar is working on various projects ranging from self-produced objects sold from the studio, furniture projects, accessories and a theater play.  An audio book, narrated by Brynjar, with stories he has collected throughout his journeys will be released this June. Silent Village Collection for Galerie kréo: Photos: © Fabrice Gousset &  Alejandra Duarte Sticks for Spark Design Space: Photos: © Vigfús Birgisson Stick Trophy made in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Fastrez,Sèvres, Cité de la céramique. Photos: Myriam Ziehli, Simon Rimaz and Camille Lichtenstern. Like Animals: ECAL, 2011. Photos: ©ECAL/Julien Chavaillaz

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