Bryan Ray

“In short, I am an American artist from California living and working in Berlin. My painting work transverses the two coasts between digital and organic themes, between harmony and disruption. The juxtapostion of themes negotiates through worlds of technology and nature finding it’s expressive form in distorted signals, precise line forms, gestural marking, and contrasting textures. The work can be recognised by its vivid color worlds and dynamic compositions, a product of carefully constructed process based approach to creation.  My work is predominantly large scale collage work on wood panels and the influence of the 80’s in Southern California is an unremovable part of my work.” © All Images

Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(2-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(3-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(6-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(7-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(8-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(9-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(10-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(14-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(16-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(17-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(19-of-24) Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(20-of-24)Arcademi_bryan-ray-work-(1-of-24)