Bobby Kolade SS16

„Every collection by BOBBY KOLADE begins somewhere special. Summer 2016 takes to the Yoruba people in Benin and Nigeria and Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou’s outstanding portraits. It ends with the unapologetic attitude (and bold personalities) of female RnB icons in the late nineties and early 2000. This season is about performance; dance and masquerade; an energetic display of theater; a hybrid of styles and fabrics passed down generations, reinvented and displayed in a rich festival of colours intended to mystify, entertain and entice the spectator. The collection also celebrates the power DIY creativity and improvisation and the feeling of spontaneity they evoke. Although rich with reference and layered with meaning, it is, as always, more about how than about what at BOBBY KOLADE. And it is always about a certain kind of Berliner nonchalance that can only be described as: cool.” The imagery was by the way taken by our homeboy Timothy Brown. © All Images

Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_1 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_2 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_3 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_4 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_5 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_6 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_7 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_8 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_9 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_10 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_11 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_12 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_13 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_14 Arcademi_BOBBY-KOLADE-SS16_15