Bettina Pozzo Di Borgo

“I am very influenced by Nature and the world of Performance, the magic, the joy and the dream it generates in the audience. I tried to apply these concepts to my designs, hoping to bring out emotions in the viewer via all sorts of interactions with the objects. Growing up in the countryside has had a huge influence on my work, and the poetic aspect of it is very important to me, as the result tries to always be meaningful, simple and built in the arts of traditional craftsmanship.”  © All Images

Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_1 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_2 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_3 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_4 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_5 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_6 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_7 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_8 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_9 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_10 Arcademi_Bettina_Pozzo_di_Borgo_11