Ben Elliot

Young artist  Ben Elliot opened in January 2016 his debut solo show as a cycle of events called tbh I dunno if I have feelings, about contemporary issues. The first part was focusing on the actual dematerialized era:“tbh i dunno if i have feelings is thought as a liaison of both universal notions (dematerialization and metaphysical) and ultra-intimate others (diary and daily feelings). Based on a set of interconnected works, the exhibition develops proposals that can act both alone and in organization. Polycarbonate, a transparent material, interacts with its environment and is reacting according to the adjacent atmosphere and other external datas, creating a complete junction (such as natural and artificial light that put the pieces in a constant recreation mutable by transparency). Here, several layers of material/dematerial are responding to each other. This interest in the network is then integrated within the creative process, through the use of communication strategies (invitation and social networks) as well as social and transactional relationships inherent in the act of exhibiting (opening), such as the idea of a speculative and instant society.”In the end of April 2016, through a different shape, Ben Elliot continued his research with tbh I dunno If I have feelings 2, a party thought as an artwork; gathering the millennial generation to interact IRL. © All Images

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