Barbara Langendijk

Barbara (1988), graduated from ArtEZ Fashion Masters, The Netherlands, womenswear designer. "For my collections I always do a lot of research before I start to design. For this collection I looked at the way clothing pieces are constructed in the East. For example the way a kimono consists out of a piece of cloth of a restricted size and is only sewn together with a few seems. I did a lot of experiments with ways of constructing a garment. I developed accessories that are inspired by dart seems, because normally the dart seams create shape in Western clothes. I wanted to make the dart seam adjustable, by making the accessories not fixed to the garment. By using the accessories, the shape in the garment is created and also the accessories are functioning as closings, with which you can adjust the clothing piece to your own size. By developing this method I created my own innovative way of constructing a garment.” Photo credits: model: Julia Bergshoeff, Photographer: Jasper Abels, styling Majid Karrouch, Make-up: Chiao-Li, Hair: Mark van Westerop. Shoes in collaboration with Roderick Pieters.  © All Images

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