Anthony Millotte

"I am Anthony Millotte and I graduated from les Arts Décoratifs School in Strasbourg. My professional experiences have grown by several ways as I experimented a sensitive design signature at Antoine+Manuel Studio in Paris as well as rigorous template and layout skills at Pyramyd publishing house. Generally, I conceive editions (books, catalog, magazines) posters, signs and visual identities. As a graphic designer, Typography is the main concern in every project I design. I am passionate about substrates and technical ways of production. Indeed, they support my graphical choices whether they are industrial or handcrafted. I like the idea of interpreting a project in different ways so it won't face a literal production were all keys are easily given and reachable at first sight. I try to focus on developing a more experimental way of reading which involves a different kind of lecture disconnecting elements so they need to be recontextualized to be understood." © 2015 All images

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