Anna-Sophie Berger

Anna-Sophie Berger is a visual artist working with a variety of media, chiefly photography, but also performance, video, text. She is also a trained fashion designer and creates fashion collections on a regular basis, placing and working with her garments freely in fashion and art context. She finished her master of arts in the class of fashion in Vienna under the guidance of Bernhard Willhelm and also studies in the class of transgressive art with Brigitte Kowanz. The following images are part of "Fashion Is Fast”, collection presented 2013. Please visit Anna-Sophie's site for the complete concept. © All Images

Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_1 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_2 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_3 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_4 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_5 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_6 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_7 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_8 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_9 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_10 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_11 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_12 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_13 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_14 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_15 Arcademi_Anna_Sophie_Berger_16