Andreas Berlin

Beside his work as an designer for exclusive furniture labels Andreas Berlin started to think about a collection of unique pieces and limited editions. The idea to understand a vase not as a product, but as a segment of a sculpture, was the starting point of a series of extraordinary small furnitures. For the first small table, he needed 200 vases, to find the perfect combination (diameter and design)to build a column. The first few pieces of the collection participated from a range of more than 1000 old vases, found on flea markets and antique shops in and around of Berlin. Andreas had to experiment, to find a construction between elasticity and stability. It was a challenge because each ceramic vase is different to another and they are inexact in its geometry. © All Images

Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_aI Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_aII Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_aIII Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_aIIII Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_bis-ans-ende-der-welt-2016 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_brass-buttons-2016 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_daddy-2016 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_everyone-says-hi-2015 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_lets-see-2016 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_made-od-stone-2015 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_swim-2015 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_turn-me-on-2016 Arcademi_Andreas_Berlin_under-a-clear-blue-sky-2016