Alex Strohl

"Alex Strohl is a Madrid-born, French photographer. From a very young age, Alex has constantly changed scenery, going from his home in Madrid to the southern coast of France and further on to the northern chills of Quebec and Vancouver, Canada. It’s this ‘traveling around’ that has informed his style of photography and equipped Alex with a stunning sense of curiosity on the unknown. By focusing his lens on details that many of us would probably dismiss upon first look, his photographs evoke a strong sense of tranquility and mystery. Colectivo Futuro” I chose an overview of his diary stream rather than a portfolio sequenz to give you a broader idea. © All Images

Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_1 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_2 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_3 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_4 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_5 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_6 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_7 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_8 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_9 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_10 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_11 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_12 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_13 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_14 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_15 Arcademi_Alex_Strohl_16