Aesthetics Habitat, Sennheiser x Hassan Rahim & Jessica Willis

Aesthetics Habitat proudly presents the pure and uncompromising Sennheiser Momentum headphones composed by the incredible L.A.-duo of art director Hassan Rahim and fashion stylist Jessica Willis, or HR—JW for short. The masterly engineered object is characterized by finest materials and obviously attracted Rahim's and Willis's attention in terms of detail. Credits: Photography & art direction Hassan Rahim and Jessica Willis, creative direction: Deutsche und Japaner. © All Images

AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_1 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_2 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_3 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_4 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_5 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_6 AH_Sennheiser_HassanRahim_JessicaWillis_7