Aesthetics Habitat, Saint Laurent Paris x Uwe J. Bermeitinger

It is time to present the incredible hook-up of Saint Laurent Paris and Uwe Jens Bermeitinger hosted by Aesthetics Habitat. Mr. Bermeitinger introduces enchanting stilettos and divine jewelry form the 'timeless collection', in notorious manner. Embrace your dark sides with the language of Tissue Magazine's Creative Director Bermeitinger and get intimate with these first-class necessities. Credits: Photography/AD: Uwe Jens Bermeitinger (Klaus Stiegemeyer), Creative Direction: Deutsche und Japaner, Styling: Melanie Jeske, HM: Marco Hülsebus, Licht: Thorsten Kosselek, Model: Leslie (The Special), Postproduction: Thorben Bantje (Piquee Postproduction), Location: Island Hamburg, Special thanks to Raw Fitting (Hamburg), Eine Studios and DSTM © All Images

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