Aesthetics Habitat, Nike + R.T. x Studio Amos Fricke

It is about time to present another incredible AH-collaboration. In this case, the final release of Nike's collaborative series of the legendary Air Force 1 remastered and interpreted by Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci and Berlin based photographer Amos Fricke. Following the black and white color ways, this final versions beige basic color inspired Mister Fricke to take things a little further. While being influenced by a visit to a magical transcontinental place called Istanbul, Amos deals with the idea of multiplication and juxtaposition. Selamlarimla. Credits: Photography: Amos Fricke, Creative Direction: Deutsche und Japaner. © All Images

AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_01 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_02 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_03 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_04 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_05 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_06 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_07 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_08 AH_Nike_Tisci_Fricke_09