Aesthetics Habitat, K.H. Würtz x Haindl and Dragan

Yet it is time to present another fabulous symbiosis under the umbrella of Aesthetics Habitat. Aage and Kasper Würtz are an internationally sought-after father and son team of studio ceramists. While their location is Horsens, Denmark, a provincial town on the Jutland mainland, they are becoming known far and wide for their hand-thrown, hand-glazed designs — most notably the crockery they produce for a growing number of New Nordic and other contemporary gourmet restaurants around the world — from Noma and Amass in Copenhagen to Törst and Luksus in Brooklyn. Speaking of team, this new series brings in a second duo, Frankfurt based photographers Evelyn Dragan and Ramon Haindl. Absolutely amazing materials, handcrafted with excellence and examined with sensitive sight is what makes us proud to exclusively present this new issue of Aesthetics Habitat to you. Objects: K.H. Würtz. Photography: Ramon Haindl and Evelyn Dragan. Creative direction: Deutsche und Japaner. © All Images

Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_01 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_02 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_03 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_04 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_05 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_06 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_07 Arcademi_AH_wuertz_Haindl_Dragan_08