Aesthetics Habitat, Christian Metzner x Amos Fricke

Once again Arcademi proudly presents another extraordinaire couple to hook up for the 4th Aesthetics Habitat collaboration. Berlin based photographer Amos Fricke elicits all secrets from Christian Metzner's enchanting bracelet series “BJM”. A fragile accessory made of porcelain and glass. A tender moment. © All Images

AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_1 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_2 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_3 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_4 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_5 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke_6 AestheticsHabitat_Metzner_Fricke