Aesthetics Habitat, BMW i8 x Studio Amos Fricke

Aesthetics Habitat proudly presents a series of compositions by Berlin based photographer Amos Fricke in physical contact with BMW's latest incredible innovation, the "BMW i8". The revolutionary sports car is not only a great example for sustainability and technical evolution but worth several closer looks for its powerful and dynamic design. Concentrate with us and experience these incredible moments giving you a perspective on the "BMW i8" you have not yet seen before. Hello darkness my old friend. Credits: Photography: Amos Fricke, Assistance: Jeremy Ayer, Production Studio Amos Fricke, Postproduction: RGBERLIN, Creative Direction: Deutsche und Japaner. © All Images

AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2134 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2144 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2181 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2186 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2196 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2206 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2338 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2360 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2393 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2453 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2541 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2565 AmosFricke_AestheticsHabitat_BMWi8_DSC2578