Adriana Roslin

Adriana Roslin is a fashion photographer in the fashion and music industry. Born in 1994 and raised in Madrid by a Spanish father and an Italian mother. She started Tourism in uni but after a year decided to quit. In 2013 her career as a photographer started by taking pictures in events, clubs, bars, restaurants… Meanwhile she made contacts in the fashion industry by doing editorials with her friends and emailing magazines and brands. With patience and humility she found people to work with which whom she had a lot in common and created a team that by her side started traveling and publishing in international magazines and worked for international brands. But there’s still a lot to do. Her next stop is Los Angeles. Adriana is able to mix every person, object, light, form, styling and place in the same picture in a way that creates harmony between every element. She is extremely attracted by brutalist architecture and the total opposite; striking natural landscapes. When the surroundings are perfect the rest simply comes together and creates the harmony she is looking for. Inside all this, Roslin looks for evolution every single day and tries to overcome herself every time even when it’s a comercial shooting by mixing film and digital. She is now creating a book about women with different formats and layouts. © All Images