Actual Source

Actual Source is the collaborative art and design practice of Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie. You can find below some really cool work – from design publications, identities, websites to clients’ spaces. The studio also collaborates with contemporary artists, designers and writers to publish e.g. limited edition books, fonts, clothing and objects. Great work guys!
Credits: True Type Hat: Dinamo Type Foundry / Bag: Études / Images by Weston Colton

Arcademi_ActualSource_01 Arcademi_ActualSource_02 Arcademi_ActualSource_03 Arcademi_ActualSource_04 Arcademi_ActualSource_05 Arcademi_ActualSource_06 Arcademi_ActualSource_07 Arcademi_ActualSource_08 Arcademi_ActualSource_09 Arcademi_ActualSource_10 Arcademi_ActualSource_11 Arcademi_ActualSource_12 Arcademi_ActualSource_13 Arcademi_ActualSource_14 Arcademi_ActualSource_15 Arcademi_ActualSource_16 Arcademi_ActualSource_17 Arcademi_ActualSource_18 Arcademi_ActualSource_Titelbild