Fabian Bürgy

Born 1980 in Switzerland. Fabian Bürgy is currently Artist in Residence in an Atelier scholarship in Berlin, Germany, but generally lives and works in Switzerland. His diverse and playful artistic practice, which includes sculpture, installation and digital imaging, explores the aesthetic of things through random encounters of materials, misplaced situations and spatial relationships. He began his career as a sculptor and later moved into graphic design and new media, with the aim to combine the techniques of both worlds. Thus the projects often mix traditional craft with new technology, in combination with the conceptual rigor and sense of playfulness from the communication and design industry.    © All Images


Arcademi_BlackCloud Arcademi_Blackiscomming Arcademi_Burstingfloor Arcademi_Dogtale Arcademi_FaustI Arcademi_FaustV Arcademi_Fissure Arcademi_Holes1 Arcademi_Holes2 Arcademi_Skidrows Arcademi_Spalten Arcademi_Spikes Arcademi_Walkingonmines