Eva Stenram

The series 'Drape' is currently being exhibited at Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool. Eva Stenram brings together analogical archival material and digital manipulation, creating scenarios where the uncanny takes centre stage. Stenram often uses found images, such as the negatives of pin-up shoots and thumbed centrefolds taken from old magazines, as her source of inspiration and working material.  These are scanned and imported to digital files that the artist manipulates, reinterpreting at each time the image anew. In the Drape series (2011-2012), the background − the drapes that give the show its title – and foreground are exchanged. Once the backdrop falls in front of the model (negating access to the subject and only showing glimpses of her objectified body), the viewer becomes fully aware of their voyeuristic desire and erotic impulses. © All Images


EAP0084L_01.tif Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_2 Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_3 Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_4 EAL0063G_01.tif EBC0063H_01.tif Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_7 Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_8 Arcademi_Eva_Stenram_9 EAZ0054X_01.tif EAZ0054X_02.tif Arcademi_Eva_Stenram