Carlijn Jacobs

Carlijn Jacobs, an Amsterdam based photographer, works between Art Direction and Photography and has an incredibly good portfolio to offer. Therefore it’s no surprise that her work has been published in magazines such as I-D Magazine, Vice, Elle, Fucking Young and Oyster Magazine. But you guys better scroll down and convince yourselves of Carlijn’s great talent. © 2015 All images

Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_01 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_02 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_03 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_04 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_05 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_06 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_07 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_08 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_09 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_10 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_11 Arcademi_CarlijnJacobs_Titelbild