Bea de Giacomo updating

Bea de Giacomo updating This  young lady might be familiar to you as Bea’s work already made an appearance on Arcademi. But as we know that she’s one to watch, we'd like to show off some new stuff of hers, in particular the shootings she did together with stylist Anna Carraro. They come up with a lot of good arrangements and compositions together. No doubt to us that this is a perfectly matching team. © 2014 All images

Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_01 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_02 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_03 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_04 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_05 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_06 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_07 Arcademi_Bea_de_Giacomo_08